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The purpose of this site is to show people how to make books from one
sheet of paper so they can give them to someone who needs them. Why?
Because having books to read increases literacy.

I was seeking an inexpensive way to produce books and discovered
Meander books. I'd always wanted to create a book and this was the
simplest way for me to do it.

But while I was searching 'how to make books' I kept coming across
information about the shortage of inexpensive books for learners all
over the world. And I realized that if I made Meander books and
showed others 'how to' I/we could help by making books for anyone who
needs them.

I've decided to start locally by showing different groups how to make
books for their own communities. Because even in book rich Toronto
there are still learners who lack books.

Anyone who has access to a sheet of paper can make a book.



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